About Inspired

[ hint: it’s more about you than us. ]


The mission of Inspired Studio is to nurture and unite passionate creative specialists in an organizational structure that allows the freedom of a flexible lifestyle, eliciting outstanding results for our clients.

We use creative problem solving to effectively tell our clients’ unique brand message through innovative design, cohesive brand management, and strategic marketing.


inspired values

  • We aim to do what the client would want to brag about.
  • We aim to do what will save the client extra thoughts or steps in their internal creative or marketing process.
  • We ask and consider clients’ end goals.
  • We respond quickly, within 48 hours.
  • We provide candid and constructive solutions.
  • We freely make external connections for clients, even outside of our industry.
  • We always interact as if we are part of our client’s internal team, with their best interest in mind.
  • We ask questions about our clients’ business—never too many.
  • We penetrate surface-level thinking, twisting and mixing the norm. We aim to solve problems with sometimes unusual ideas.
  • We think big first, then pare down for efficiency and cost-effectiveness at our clients’ request.
  • We compare clients’ industries with what’s happening in other industries to help them differentiate in new ways.
  • We aim to do what works.
  • We track success and follow up.
  • We always keep in mind: “B to B” and “B to C” are both Human to Human—we show vulnerability, relatability and respect.

The story behind the Inspired name and logomark.

[ It’s more than meets the eye. ]

Maria Conigliaro started Inspired Studio with a laptop and a wish. Burnt out from being a creative, free spirit forced to work from a grey cubicle, Maria found hope in freelance clients who trusted her eye and work ethic. Eventually she built a business that would fulfill far more creative souls than just her own.

Inspired by visionary entrepreneurs like her third-generation restauranteur parents, Maria became one herself after spending her entire adult life honing and perfecting her skills as a graphic designer and creative thinker in a multitude of industries. Since founded Inspired Studio in 2012, with the mission to ensure that every client’s branding matches its mission and uniqueness.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, to inspire means to fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. The entire virtual team is always inspired by the amazing people who entrust them with the look and feel of their business. The team has grown to include specialists in the areas of social media management, web development, videography, photography, illustration, copy writing, and marketing strategy. Graphics are not the only thing constantly being designed at Inspired. The list includes marketing plans, buyer personas, brand messaging, meaningful content, internal communication strategies, website experience, brand awareness, social media calendars, and the list goes on. No two businesses are identical—their leaders, strengths, and challenges all differ, so there is no one way to tell their story.

In 2020, after seeing new businesses start, new branches of existing businesses bloom, and an urgent need for businesses to be more present online, Inspired Studio launched a self-study digital course teaching entrepreneurs our step-by-step process for developing a unique brand message for their business.

Every client has a unique message to share with their unique audience, and through a strong brand an authentic connection can be made. But without knowing the few key elements of building a strong and successful brand, Maria knew those businesses would struggle to grow at the speed in which the state of the world required them to.

The future growth of Inspired Studio includes bringing on more in-house talent to serve a wider range of clients, offering more deeply aligned partnerships with small businesses’ marketing departments, offering educational seminars for entrepreneurs, and life and business coaching for creatives.

The logomark literally means one word: INSPIRE. In their simplest, linear form, stacking each letter directly on top of the others creates the shape of our new logomark. Simple, memorable, meaningful. True indicators of a strong image.

We’re introducing serif typography in the new logo, where some letters are fragmented to show evolution and change, a feeling of incompleteness but also a feeling of leaving room for air. It leaves room for creativity, ideas, possibility and constant feeling of newness.

The colors are black, white and grey. Not because we don’t like color, quite the contrary. We love and respect the science of color. Color, in fact, is a reflection of light. The color of white light is a reflection of every color perfectly combined. An absence of light is darkness—darkness is black. Metaphorically, we are everything and nothing, and anything in-between needed by our clients. Our clients are the reason we are here, the focus of our efforts, the subject of our spotlight. In this business, it is not about us. Nothing we do is for us. This is a business of service, of giving, of inspiring. We do what we do best so others can shine brightly, attracting their ideal customer.

“A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instinct.”


Inspired client Layna Schrader

“As Marketing Director for Matt Burne Honda, I draw on the creative talents of Inspired Studio on a regular basis. I have found that Maria and her team have been able to come up with new ideas monthly for individual promotions along with constantly keeping an eye on our branding image. This combination has allowed us to feel secure in the marketplace, knowing that Inspired Studio will always have our back!”


Marketing Director

Matt Burne Honda | Scranton, PA

Inspired client Katelyn McManamon

“Not only did we win a Diamond Award we won CATEGORIES BEST! Couldn't have done it without you :)”



Former Marketing Director

Penn East FCU | Scranton, PA

Inspired client Emily Fidati

“Inspired designed my logo that I am absolutely in love with! They took the time to understand who I am, what my business is, and how I want both to be represented. They've also done all of my other graphics since creating my new business a few years ago. They have certainly inspired me over the years with much more than graphics and I am very grateful for their passion and excellent skills. Needless to say, I highly recommend Inspired Studio.”




Fidati Health & Wellness | Scranton, PA

Gene Talerico | Inspired Design Studio Client

“The hallmark of Inspired Studio's work is that they listen, understand and then their extraordinary creativity is unleashed! Whether it be a simple design or the creation of a brand, their attention to detail and ability to deliver a message with clarity and persuasiveness are second to none.”



President of the Board

Marley's Mission | Clarks Summit, PA


Inspired Studio is nationally certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) and a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. Email maria@inspiredstudio.biz to request our Capabilities Statement.