Quickly Create a Profitable Brand Message That Completely Aligns with Your Business

In this course you’ll learn exactly how to tell and sell your story with purpose, clarity, and connection—using the same method we’ve used with our clients for nearly a decade—by crafting your own powerful Unique Selling Proposition.

In the Understand Your Brand Digital Course you will learn how to catapult your brand and marketing messaging into a category of its own—resulting in marketing that feels in alignment with your company’s values while attracting your most ideal audience.

This easy, six-part digital course was created with you in mind:

  • The scrappy solo-preneur who is not at all interested in wasting time tinkering with techy advertising hacks or investing thousands into an agency.
  • The small business owner whose marketing hasn’t been working and they’re not sure why.
  • The mom-preneur whose ALWAYS wearing two hats, and needs a shortcut for how to profitize her “other” baby.

As a maker/creator/specialist you’ve spent the better part of your career focusing all of your attention on perfecting what you’re good at, the talent you’ve built your business on. But somewhere along the way, investing time into marketing your business got pushed to the back burner.

Inspired president Maria Traino with tablet to assist with client consulting

hi, maria here!

When I started Inspired Studio I was determined to make sure our clients’ brands were an honest and true reflection of who they were. As a trained and skilled brand designer, I knew we couldn’t do our job well if we weren’t 100% clear on the basic foundational elements of what made our clients unique. For nearly 10 years we’ve focused in on creating a systematic process that allows us to do this quickly and efficiently... our clients come to us ready to make a transformation!

Seeing behind the curtains of hundreds of brands, we’ve seen a common thread—many entrepreneurs can’t quickly articulate what makes them different and the best at what they do. Now you can have access to exactly what happens behind the scenes BEFORE we pull out our sketchbook.

Learn how we intuitively tap into clients’ originality and differentiation... because it’s NOT our design skills, and it’s NOT our creativity bringing their brand to life. It IS their story that is awakened in the process.



  1. Helps you uncover your Why: Knowing the passion behind your purpose will be your true North when you get stuck. There’s not a business (or marketing) decision that can’t be simplified when you’re reminded why you started your business in the first place.

  2. Defines your Marketplace Niche: Determined by either your why or ideal audience, knowing where you stand in the marketplace will help you position your messaging in a way that leaves you without competition.

  3. Intimately introduces your Ideal Audience: There are people out there needing, praying, and hoping for your product or service. We’ll get to know who they are, what fuels their desires, and why it’s important to speak their language.

  4. Engages Emotions: How your audience feels is the best way to connect with your ideal audience on a deeper level, building that trust and oh-so-sought-after brand loyalty.

  5. Masters your Marketing: After identifying and defining the key ingredients, this final recipe brings your “better brand” to the table—time and time again.

Many business owners skip right to the outward forms of marketing (shown on the right side of the diagram below).

But you simply can’t have a logo designed, have your website copy written, or develop a marketing strategy until you know every intimate detail about what makes your business exactly that: YOUR business.
By putting a little bit of time and effort into intentionally crafting your brand and properly positioning it for your ideal audience, you’ll quickly reap the rewards of more time, clearer messaging, and stronger connections. Building your brand’s story helps you convey your company’s quality, credibility, value, and experience.

Learn our inside-out process for building a clear, cohesive, and timeless brand story without spending thousands of dollars


Your business already has a ‘brand’—whether you’ve intentionally created it or not.

A brand is not a logo, a website, your social media presence, or signage… it’s all of it, and then some! But mostly, it is the overall impression your business makes on consumers which allows them to know what to expect, distinguishing you from your competition. It is how you make them feel, if and how they feel connected to your business, how they speak about your business, and how loyal they become.

As a busy entrepreneur with customers to serve and services to fulfill, you cannot afford to let your guard down while your brand story is written by someone else. This is the moment you’ve lost control, making it that much more difficult (and expensive) to change perceptions.


be intentional

Even with the best of intentions, many solo-preneurs abandon the process of creating an intentional brand, allowing competitors to swoop in.

business card graphic design overlaid with woman writing on sketchpad to represent stages of branding process

Purposfully building a clear, cohesive and timeless brand message for your business is something you need to get right the first time. Unfortunately there are very few small businesses owners doing this right.

They’ve gotten caught up in the operations, working day-by-day, not taking a step back to see if their brand’s message is still relevant. They get stuck working IN the business instead of ON the business

They skip right to the fun stuff, the logo, the signs, the printed materials and website design. Without knowing what the real purpose is behind their efforts, they take shots in the dark and blow their marketing budgets before they see the financial gain.

They subconsciously find themselves falling back into their old habits and rhythms of their skill/trade.

They know they lack a cohesive brand presence but aren’t sure how to fix it. So they work harder, with longer hours, hoping that will bring increase the bottom line.

If this sounds like you, that's okay. There is still a golden opportunity for you to jump in, clean up the mess, and become the master of your marketing using a step-by-step process so you don’t get stuck.

Creating a brand strategy that works for your business is not a job reserved for expensive experts and agencies—it is reserved for YOU.

Your brand should be an intentional combination of your passion, your authenticity, and most importantly, your truth.
Stop letting everyone else tell your story for you.

ever wondered... your competition always seems to send out the right message at the right time, swiping your customers out from under your feet? they confidently boast their business, unapologetically?

You’re noticing them because you wish you were doing it, too. You're wondering what they have that you don’t.

Their confidence comes from having clarity. And clarity comes from competency.

We don't mean competency in your craft, you obviously have that, we mean competency in you. Knowing you, knowing the why behind your passion, knowing not what you sell but the results you create.

Competency creates clarity, clarity creates confidence, confidence attracts customers.

Understand Your Brand

How would the feelings of confidence and clarity influence how you market your business?


You wouldn't second-guess whether your words were landing or not. You'd know you were making a real connection with the right audience.


Creating a consistent and effective look and marketing strategy would be easier—AND easier to outsource. With a “brand bible” everyone who touched your messaging would be on the same page.


Your sales would inevitably increase, because more people who need and want your business will know your business exists... and know WHY your business exists.

desktop and mobile webpage and supplemental booklet for understand your brand course



Align your true passion and purpose with crystal-clear messaging to bring your timeless brand to your ideal audience with ease, all while outshining your competition IN ONE SIMPLE PROCESS.

We’ve taken what we’ve learned spending tens of thousands of hours working with entrepreneurs and channeled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step program that clarifies an authentic, intentional brand inspired by your passion.


Dig deep into the passion behind why you started your business. In this lesson, you will work through exercises to clearly communicate your personal mission statement.

In this module, you will learn how to streamline your marketing efforts so that your business goes deep, not wide.

Who is your ideal client and what problem do you solve for them? I'll help you identify your ideal customer.

People buy from people. Learn how to tap into every aspect of your customer's emotions.

How can you humanize your brand's messaging while selling to your audience? You will learn how to write the words that will connect with your audience.

I will walk you through real examples from years of experience as a brand designer.


  • 5 Training Modules, from harnessing the power of your uniqueness to mastering your messaging
  • More than 30 pages of fillable PDF worksheets containing 50+ questions to help you hone in on your uniqueness
  • 7 professionally shot and edited video trainings
  • 4 swipeable messaging formulas

— PLUS! —



Included in your purchase will be a pre-designed Brand Guidelines Template, built in PowerPoint, that will help you tell and sell your story.

This professionally designed, easy-to-edit template will allow you to compile your answers from the worksheets and have a custom guidebook that is designed for your business. This document will become your “brand bible”, used to make sure everyone who touches your brand will be on the same page… literally.

Formatted in PowerPoint, it is to easily drag and drop your content, logo, and marketing messages.


Learn what it means to truly Understand Your Brand and start selling your business with confidence and clarity.



“I really loved your course and found the prompts to be super beneficial not only for someone like me exploring a new avenue of their career but really for life goal setting. It was such a great deep dive into who I am, how I want to be perceived, how to articulate where my heart is, and what my work's potential is for others. I think it is a universally beneficial program—your skills, heart and experience transcend many fields and stages of life.”



Marketing Strategist


“Going into this, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I just thought I'd answer a few questions about my business and think of what I wanted my logo to look like. But that wasn’t it at all, it was much more. Right from the beginning the workbooks were great, it really made me stop and think about what I wanted my business to be, the actual brand for my shop moving forward!"




Handcrafted Custom Woodworking


i'm your instructor

In my experience, I know one ultimate fact to be true: your business is a reflection of you.

So, who am I? I'm Maria Traino. I grew up the daughter of third-generation Italian restaurant owners who instilled two lifelong values in me: family + service. My grandfather always told my father, who always told my sisters and I, “treat everyone who comes in here the same—whether it’s the president or our neighbor.”

Service has been an everyday part of my life, from working in my family restaurant to creating one-of-a-kind brand identities for business owners thought the Northeast.

In 2012, I took a leap of faith and created Inspired Studio, a boutique brand design and strategic marketing agency located just outside of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Throughout the years, I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, CEOs, Marketing Directors, and craftsman who ooze with passion. I’ve spent tens of thousands of hours listening and pouring my skills into bringing beautiful brands to life.

Let me let you in on a secret… when clients hire a brand designer, they expect them to have all of the answers. The truth is… my job is to give them the building blocks to tell the story that already exists within them.

People inspire me, they always have. Their dreams, their stories, their passions, their motivation, the way they act on their ideas, and the difference they make in the world. Their unrelenting ability to always find their center, their true north, and keep trudging on, no matter the challenges—not just in business, but in life. Every single person possesses this drive, somewhere deep inside, whether they know it or not.

…and I know you have it deep within yourself, too! Let’s create an inspired brand, together, shall we?

Understand Your Brand

If you’re ready to finally start marketing with ease and attracting ideal buyers while saving time and advertising costs, here’s how we’ll get you there.

You will uncover your greatest differentiation factor, and how to use it to connect with your best clientele.

You will be introduced to your ideal clientele—you’ll get to know them as well as you know your best friend.

You will identify and define your business’ personality, allowing you to harness the power of human connection.

You will become a master of your messaging, always knowing what to say and when—no longer wondering if you’re being understood.

You will receive five worksheets designed to walk you step-by-step through the same process I’ve used for dozens of clients to design authentic brands.

You are the perfect person to bring your brand to life.

Only you have the capability to write your own business’ brand story. An effort that will never go in vain, as it will help you make quicker business decisions, narrow down advertising mediums to the most effective for your audience, clarify your messaging to your most ideal customer, and empower your employees to become excited messengers.


on the fence?

Making a commitment of time (and dollars) should take some thought. But I truly believe you’re worth the investment.

If you try the course, do the work, and still aren’t completely satisfied with what you’ve learned, send us an email showing us that you tried, and we’ll gladly issue a refund. 100% happiness is guaranteed!

The future of your business is worth it.
Enroll today.

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