I’m meant to help small business owners like you keep doing what you love


How are you holding up?

I’ve been jumping between my home office chair and wherever my two toddlers summon me, every day, for more than three weeks. All day, every day. What are weekends, again? When you run a business you’re passionate about, you can’t stop thinking about it. When you’re the parent of small children, you can’t stop thinking about them either. And when you’re me, a creative problem solver, your mind goes into overdrive trying to fix more than I should.

In a way that mentality has served me, being overly passionate and particular when it comes to designing brands for our clients at Inspired Studio. And it’s served me when I hear my daughters playing “mommy” so sweetly in my old high heels. And hopefully, now, it can serve others whom I’ve literally never met.

Over the past year and a half I have been obsessed with creating something new out of something so deeply rooted inside me. I’ve been obsessed with learning how to turn my knowledge and experience as a brand designer and marketing strategist for nearly 2 decades into a tool (instead of a service) that entrepreneurs can use to their advantage in their business. An easy-to-use tool. A cost-effective tool. And most importantly, a tool that gets the job done

While hunkered down in quarantine, wearing elastic waistbands and zero mascara, I haven’t been able to control my urge to finally share my creation. Because as I look around, albeit on social media, I’m seeing businesses who NEED what I want to teach. SO desperately.

Panic is setting in. Everything you’ve ever worked for is on the line. You’re worried about your bottom line, your employees who mean everything to you, your family who needs your income. With all that stress your blinders go up and it becomes even harder to see through to fog. 

I’ve been there. TRUST me, I’ve been there. Ironically, though, I’m not there now. It’s become more clear than ever that I’m meant to help more “clients” than my own small business is able to maintain under a service-based, done-for-you model. I’m meant to help small business owners like you keep doing what you love. Because you’re meant to help people, too. You’re here to make a difference in the world around you. You started your business for a reason, and I want to help you see it through.

And right now, just like SO many others, my outlet is Zoom. 🙂 I want to invite you to a live, 60-ish-minute webinar I’ve created specifically for entrepreneurs, during this time of uncertainty. I’ll be hosting it on Zoom on April 14 at 10:00 am EST, from my home office chair… probably in elastic-waisted pants.

Make Ends Meet: Shift three simple mental blocks getting in the way of bringing your marketing and branding full circle amidst uncertainty.

You can register at the link below. I can’t wait to “meet” you there!


All my best, please stay healthy and well. 





🖤 Maria Conigliaro Traino
President/Creative Director/Lead Inspirer