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corporate vision

To create a structured environment that allows creatives the freedom to pursue, perfect and actively use their passion to increase brand strength, brand messaging and targeted brand awareness for businesses and non-profit organizations. Creatives thrive in their own time of day, in the comfort of their home office or beach chair, listening to their favorite music and being inspired by like-minded creatives and clients.

Entrepreneurial spirit can thrive when all parties adhere to the same core principles and values—using their passion for good; using their passion to think creatively and find non-traditional solutions to real-world problems; using their passion to create visual and verbal messaging that speaks to the heart of ideal consumers; using their passion to inspire and support other creatives to be unique and successful.

Meet [some of] our creatives.

Black and white headshot of Inspired Studio President Maria Traino

Maria Conigliaro

[ President ]

Inspiration is contagious, Maria catches it all the time. Fueled by passionate entrepreneurs, Maria became one herself. Not stopping on Friday at 5, Maria’s vision and motivation are constantly at work. Showing her daughters that following your dreams is non-negotiable, Maria “works” at home as a business owner, and a neuro coach nudging clients, creatives, and her children to push boundaries, to do what makes their heart happy, and to welcome challenges because “they are truly opportunities.”

Loriah Webby

Loriah Webby Van Stone

[ Creative Director ]

Loriah brings the white-glove experience to our inspiring clients. From start to finish—conceptualizing campaigns, seamlessly managing projects, hand-selecting and combining perfectly aligned assets, crafting carefully thought-through design solutions, and constant communication throughout—she delivers the best quality in our industry. She stays aware of current trends in design and marketing strategies and extends her knowledge to our clients, empowering them to leverage any tools available to meet their desires and budgets.

Inspired team member Nair Bonito

Nair Bonito

[ administrative assistant ]

Our virtually-based business wouldn't be complete without a stellar virtual assistant. Bringing ease, simplicity, and structure to the complex business of intangible things, Nair adds a level of sophistication from across the pond.


Jenny Lee Hetro

[ Brand Strategist/Public Relations Manager ]

Jenny loves the human elements of marketing—the different perspectives, the emotional aspects, the way a message can truly connect with someone and spark an action. And when she tracks the results and shows that the efforts are working through data it’s the icing on the cake.

Francesca Orsomarso

Francesca Orsomarso

[ Digital Strategist / Social Media Advertising ]

“Speak Social” to your ideal audience, with branded messaging, pin-point accuracy, and appropriate timing. From blog-writing to social media content creation and building online sales funnels, Francesca will bring an ROI (return on your impact, as we like to say) quicker than you can say “hashtag.”

Nathan Summerlin

Nathan Summerlin

[ Web Developer ]

“Three clicks or less.” “One message.” “What’s the call to action?” We never tire of hearing Nathan’s thought process as he builds fast, efficient, effective websites and apps that work as smoothly as he does.

Megan Kane

Megan Kane

[ Copy Writer ]

Megan is passionate about developing high-quality content that engages readers and connects them with vital community programs and services. When she's not blogging, you'll find her reading (and writing) academic papers as a part of her doctoral study at Temple University, playing the violin, or spending time with family and friends.

Joseph Conti

Joseph Conti

[ Graphic Designer/Animator ]

Based in the greater New York City Area, we wonder if Joe ever sleeps. His skillsets scrape the sky, as he designs for print and web, and then makes them move. He's spent the last decade challenging himself to grow and expand into areas that not only spark his interest but force him to be uncomfortable, awkward, and to strengthen his abilities—professionally and personally.

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