Inspired Studio wins Scranton Award for Growth & Excellence


Ritz Theater and Performing Arts Center in Scranton, Pa was the home of the 2022 SAGE Awards (Scranton Awards for Growth and Excellence), presented by The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce. More than 350 area chamber members attended to recognize the outstanding efforts, talent, creativity, and innovation in northeastern Pennsylvania.

Each year businesses apply for 13 categories including Best Practices in Community Involvement, Customer Service, Marketing and Communications, Business of the Year, and Fastest Growing Company. The IMPACT Awards, sponsored by UGI, recognize businesses or organizations that have demonstrated creativity, adaptation, and perseverance.

Inspired Studio won in the IMPACT: Products and Services category which recognizes a business or organization for pivoting and transforming its core business model or creating new methods/services/products in order to address customer and community needs.

In 2021, Inspired Studio added a new service line to their brand design and marketing agency: NeuroCoaching for Business Leaders. In addition to developing and designing strategic branding and marketing campaigns, we now offer personal coaching for those in a leadership position. 

The global pandemic impacted billions of business leaders on a personal level—and their personal beliefs and mindset affect the success of their business. Maria Traino, owner and chief creative officer, completed a rigorous certification in NeuroCoaching in 2021. Deeper than surface-level personal development and more impactful than mindset, NeuroCoaching helps to rewire neural pathways in the brain for lasting transformation. 

Fear, self-sabotage, impostor syndrome, and perfectionism impact high-achievers in all industries. When NeuroCoaching is applied, new neural networks are built. This process helps people operate at peak performance, effectively manage stress, and experience deeper fulfillment in all aspects of their life. The potential impact is limitless. 

The average person thinks 60,000 thoughts a day and is only cognitively aware of 3-5% of them—the remaining 57,000 daily thoughts are on automation. For each individual a situation can create a silent cascade of automated thoughts and emotions, which naturally influence the decisions and actions taken. By uncovering, erasing, and building new automatic thoughts, NeuroCoaching helps leaders create more intentional and powerful results.

From left to right: Loriah Webby, Strategic Designer/Project Manager; Jennifer Hetro, Brand Strategist/Public Relations Manger; Maria and Loriah join in for a group photo will all of the 2022 winners.

By adding NeuroCoaching, Inspired Studio is able to address more customer needs.

“…the everyday pressures and stressors and the many unique challenges of running a business can affect the mental health of the business owner over a long and sustained period, which may go unnoticed for a significant time. Business difficulties, including the potential failure of a small business, can prove deeply traumatic with long lasting effects and life changing consequences spanning the multi-faceted areas of self-care, family and personal relationships, financial position and future career opportunities. Previous failure in business has been shown to be associated with poorer mental well-being (Chuqing, Cong, Jizhen, & Xiaoying, 2016). This work-related stress can contribute to the risk of developing serious mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and other mental health problems.”

Denis C. Visentin, Michelle Cleary & Susannah Minutillo (2020) Small Business Ownership and Mental Health, Issues in Mental Health Nursing, 41:5, 460-463, DOI: 10.1080/01612840.2020.1733871

Working behind the scenes of businesses for a decade, the Inspired Studio team has watched as some clients experienced exponential growth while others scaled back or closed… even before the pandemic. During the pandemic they watched fear play an even more dramatic role for the companies they worked with. 

Inspired Studio applied for the award because they are tremendously dedicated to watching their clients succeed. Inspired Studio has grown and evolved in response to the rate that their clients have grown and evolved. This new stage of transformation is in response to the needs we see from our clients, their employees… and in themselves. The world has changed and is continuing to do so. 

“With emotional intelligence, resiliency, and support we can all rise like a tide together. By working with business leaders, the potential for a ripple effect is far greater than trying to empower the community at large. With a top-down approach to change, we hope that a perspective shift will trickle down from CEOs, to managers, to employees… and even further to families, children and communities. It is a large vision, but a possible one. And one that is already starting to take hold and multiply before our very eyes.
Winning the SAGE award will allow more exposure, not to us but to educate the greater business community on how to use their greatest gifts to make a lasting impact in their businesses and in their lives: mindset.”

Maria Traino

About Inspired Studio

Maria Traino founded Inspired Studio in 2012. The mission of Inspired Studio is to nurture and unite passionate creative specialists in an organized virtual structure that allows the freedom of a flexible lifestyle eliciting outstanding results. Inspired uses creative problem solving to effectively tell their clients’ unique brand message through innovative design, cohesive brand management, and strategic marketing.

Inspired Studio believes in having a very open path of communication with their clients and building long-term partnerships. Getting to the root of design, branding and messaging challenges and finding the best ways to overcome them increases their clients’ revenue. Brand awareness and management is at the forefront—from visuals to messaging and positioning, to how they make their customers feel. Every client has a unique message to share with their unique audience, and a strong, cohesive brand drives authentic connection.

Inspired Studio challenges the status-quo and believes in the opportunity of new ideas and creating captivating experiences through every point of interaction.

Since 2012, Inspired Studio has won eight American Advertising Awards and is a nationally certified Women’s Business Enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).