Square 1 Intensive


An interview and brainstorming session designed to identify and define your business’ unique building blocks in which to build a strong, authentic brand upon.

Benefits any business or organization who needs clarity on unique selling proposition, and a roadmap for brand design, messaging and positioning.

You will go from miscommunication and disconnect with your ideal audience to a strong sense of brand identity through analysis, discovery, and definition. Results can be used internally as effectively as externally.

A Square 1 Intensive is for small- to medium-sized businesses that have grown quickly or plateaued need to get back to their roots and reevaluate a platform to build a strong marketing campaign upon.

Inspired representatives will lead the discussion asking specific questions to key leaders/decision-makers that will lead to productive answers in a half-day meeting.

The results will:

  • Alleviate poor communication internally and externally.
  • Clarify who you should market to, how you should communicate your message, and where your message will be heard.
  • Leave you with tangible tools like logo files, a style guide, typography choices, and color pallets.

Through this process (and beyond) you will gain clarity on where your brand stands. You cannot get to where you want to go without knowing where you are. We’ll review and reveal areas where you are successful as well as areas that need improvement based upon your goals and ideal audience.

Your mission and vision statements may become clearer, your unique selling proposition and/or positioning statement will be written, your brand’s personality will be labeled, your ideal audience will be defined, and your brand visuals will be elevated.

Timeline: 1 half-day session with results within 1 week

business card graphic design overlaid with woman writing on sketchpad to represent stages of branding process


In-person or video meeting


  • Communications assessment
  • Positioning Statement/USP
  • Key image attributes/brand personality
  • Ideal audience(s)

Style guide (usage, fonts, colors)*

Creation of all logo file types*

Creation of logo in all color spaces*

Email support

New ideas/perspectives

Suggestions for next steps

*Will be reviewed. If a logo is suggested/needed, they will be created from scratch in the Inspired Logo Design package. If logo is determined to be successful but the client lacks elements above, Inspired will create them.


inspired approach

1 ] Listen

We believe that entrepreneurs and CEOs have a fire in their belly and are in business for a purpose, and our purpose is to help them fulfill theirs effectively and beautifully.

2 ] Connect

We believe that every client has a unique message to share with their unique audience. We believe that an authentic connection can be made through a strong and cohesive brand. The right messages, design, and visibility of the client all play important roles in not just telling their story, but selling it.

3 ] Create

We believe in our clients’ “why”—it gets us to the root of design, branding and messaging challenges finding the best ways to overcome them. Surface-level designs are not in our repertoire—strategic designs are a result of deep-rooted truths mixed with high-end skillsets.

4 ] Manage

We firmly believe in the creation of new ideas and captivating brand experiences through every point of interaction, producing real impact for our clients—with strategy, consistency, and strength.


Learn our step-by-step process for building your own authentic brand!

We created a self study digital course, Understand Your Brand, for solopreneurs to independently learn how to craft your most unique selling proposition statement, catapulting your brand and marketing messaging into a category of its own—resulting in marketing that feels in alignment with you, while attracting your ideal audience.

Because the truth is, as a solopreneur, your business is a reflection of you. The power is already within you to amplify exactly what makes you you, and attract the audience who has been praying to find you.



"With Maria and her team, it's like having in-house advertising/marketing/PR department(s) that I've always needed but couldn't imagine funding or creating. I simply let Maria know what I’m trying to accomplish and she finds a way to do it. We communicate as if she's in our offices and she comes to me with an awesome solution every time. Most important for me is that once we agree on the direction I don't have to think about it until I see the finished product, concept or ad."

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