Inspired On Demand


How would it feel to bring your full potential to work every day—having more time to focus on actually managing?

Inspired On Demand is an all-access pass to use our experts as integrated extensions of your marketing team—creative thinking combined with strategic design inspired by and focused on your business’ needs and goals.

Inspired On Demand was developed out of a need we've fulfilled consistently since we opened our virtual doors. We create a strategic partnership whereby our design and marketing team aligns with our clients to produce high-end, consistent, creative and laser-focused output on their behalf.

  • Are you a spread-too-thin Marketing Director?
  • Wouldn't you rather confidently focus while having a reliable team of professionals to fully support you?
  • Would you love to have a team working with you, consistently managing an effective and strong brand identity?
  • How would it feel to have an invested, third-party perspective on how your brand can make a bigger impact... on demand?

Marketing directors oftentimes wear way too many hats. You're smart, capable, clever, and efficient—of course every department in your company wants to work with you! But that can get overwhelming, leaving you feeling like you just can’t get it all done, or well. Your time is spent doing too many other things like designing, writing, photography, etc.

We want you to use your marketing budget to its fullest—Inspired’s expertise can replace costly freelancers who aren’t invested in your business, employees who aren’t at the peek of their skillset, and sub-par agencies motivated by commission-based tactics. If you feel like you're coming up short with branding and marketing because you need more time, a better plan, and a more creative approach, WITHOUT spending more than a low salary's worth, this package was MADE for you!

You and/or your team will gain more time to focus on your strengths. Your marketing budget will be spent wisely. A trustworthy, dependable, reliable extension of your team with an outsider’s perspective will be at the ready, able to quickly turn around all graphic design and messaging needs. Deep-level, strategic materials based on your needs, goals, and ideal audience will be created, as you'll have access to a team of design, writing, web, and marketing experts, when you need them.

Further, on-demand clients receive priority over project-based clients. AND you'll have consistent phone and email support from creative, solution-oriented thinkers who love a challenge.

Our team becomes your team, and you can bet we'll be as invested in your business as you are.

Timeline: Immediate openings available.

website design and brand colors for CE You continuing education platform



  • Communications assessment

  • Unique Selling Proposition writing

  • Brand personality identification

  • Ideal audience(s) review

  • Monthly goal-setting meetings

  • Marketing and branding strategies

  • Brainstorming and idea-generating

  • Project management system

  • Ad campaign writing and design

  • Custom branded social media graphics

  • All design needs including: signage design, packaging, banners, promotional items, etc.

  • Copy writing/message creation


  • Press-ready design files

  • Style guide creation or update

  • Brand Identity audit

  • Unlimited revisions

  • Access to marketing/brand design experts

  • Regular one-on-one consultations

  • Email, phone, and in-person support (if applicable)


inspired approach

1 ] Listen

We believe that entrepreneurs and CEOs have a fire in their belly and are in business for a purpose, and our purpose is to help them fulfill theirs effectively and beautifully.

2 ] Connect

We believe that every client has a unique message to share with their unique audience. We believe that an authentic connection can be made through a strong and cohesive brand. The right messages, design, and visibility of the client all play important roles in not just telling their story, but selling it.

3 ] Create

We believe in our clients’ “why”—it gets us to the root of design, branding and messaging challenges finding the best ways to overcome them. Surface-level designs are not in our repertoire—strategic designs are a result of deep-rooted truths mixed with high-end skillsets.

4 ] Manage

We firmly believe in the creation of new ideas and captivating brand experiences through every point of interaction, producing real impact for our clients—with strategy, consistency, and strength.


"Working with Inspired Studio has been a game changer for us. Their team has really taken the time to get to know us, understand the nuances of our organizations and what we stand for and really ensure that they provide us with tangible deliverables that help us deliver our message and mission. Over the past three years that we have been partnering with Inspired Studio, our relationship has deepened. I trust them with some of our most visible projects, notably our comprehensive annual reports for 2017 and 2018. Relinquishing creative control can seem scary at first but when you have the right partner (like Inspired), the 'scary' shifts to 'refreshing' in so many ways! Time and time again their team just exceeds our expectations with their attention to detail, commitment to timely turnaround and genuine desire to just get things right. They're not just a consultant, but a true partner. If you're reading this and thinking about giving Inspired a shot, do it. I am 100% sure you won't be disappointed."

Formerly of The Wright Center for Community Health and its affiliated entity, The Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education