15 Minutes Could Change Your Entire Brand


Whether you closed out 2018 with a loss or banked your biggest year yet, either is a great motivator to dream bigger, push harder, get more creative, and act faster than you did last year.

This is a busy time of year for us, we get a LOT of requests for new branding! It makes perfect sense, it’s a time of reflection and renewal and nothing is more satisfying than changing your look.

Let’s take a deeper look at what it means to update your branding, and how Inspired takes the job seriously.

▪️ We ask about the history of your current brand. How long has it been in use? Is it a critical part of your current marketing campaign? How do your customers view, react to, and interact (or not interact) with it? What was the origin of the design? How has it worked, how hasn’t it? What feels out of place to you now? What has to stay to maintain continuity?

▪️ We want to know how practical it would be to update your logo in unison. Do vehicles need re-wrapping? Does signage need to be replaced? Did you just order 5,000 booklets? Are you weeks away from a trade show?

▪️ We are curious about what is different about your company since the logo was first created? How has the business grown to meet demands? How has the face of your market changed… or aged? In what ways has your competition changed over the years? Who is no longer a threat, and what new app or online business has taken its place?

▪️ Looking ahead, what are your goals for the next 5, even 10 years? How will your brand stay strong and timeless during that time?

That is a lot of questions, but most of the time our clients are quickly able to rattle off the answers. Creating a brand with a new client is intense—we get right to the point, ask the tough questions, assess how we’d work together, and build a mutual trust and rapport in a single sitting. It takes honesty, openness, communication, authenticity, trust, respect and a whole lot of teamwork.

📞 We could take about branding all day! So if you’re considering a brand update or overhaul but aren’t sure if you should quite yet, book a FREE 15-minute consultation call with me. ➡️ https://calendly.com/inspiredstudio





🖤 Maria Conigliaro Traino
President/Creative Director