A Growing Business Needs a Rooted Brand


One late August I received a referral email from a massage therapist looking for a new logo. Emily was ready to up-level her business, move her office and start attracting clients that she wanted.

The first thing we do with our logo clients is to have a very in-depth conversation about their business—the whats and the whos are important, yes, but when it comes to branding it’s all about the whys.

I asked Emily what made her different than other massage therapists. She told me she uses only organic products, and focuses on total wellness instead of merely a relaxing massage. I wanted more. Wellness paired with massage seemed like a given to me. And organic products? Unfortunately, I didn’t feel like that would be enough to make a real impact on a potential buyer’s decision-making. So I asked her what else makes her different. She told me that she loved what she did and was very passionate about helping people. “But… why?,” I asked her. She told me more, “I love seeing how people’s health can transform after they’ve been working with me over time.” Now we were getting somewhere, but I still thought there had to be more to the story. That just wasn’t meaty enough for me to sink my creative teeth into. I sat there, thinking to myself, “how can I translate this visually?” So I asked her to give me some examples.

Finally, the ultimate why of whys emerged! Emily told me a story about how she, herself, had a shoulder injury at the very beginning of her career as a massage therapist. And that she became obsessed with how the body can heal itself when given the care and attention it needed. That proper overall health and wellness, combined with therapeutic touch and movement can truly aide in healing and restoring the body.

That, my friends, was the moment her brand was born. I was able to get laser-focused on creating the perfect image to represent her business for years to come, because it would be rooted in her soul.

We love her final logo! The overall symbol is a fingerprint to define both uniqueness, touch and pressure. And from the very center grows leaves to symbolize organic products, growth, evolution, and healing. A transformative process that can only come from Emily. The colors were inspired by nature, soft and soothing, very clean and modern. The typography was created as a way to feel somewhat like a signature, but with clear readability.

Side note! One of her personal wishes for her logo was to incorporate an element of an old family business’ logo, which were also able to do with the typography. Not every entrepreneur loves the idea of selling themselves, so we’ll do whatever we can with our clients brands to make sure they LOVE talking about their business!

“Maria designed my logo that I am absolutely in love with! She took the time to understand who I am, what my business is, and how I want both to be represented. She’s also done all of my other graphics since creating my new business a few years ago. She has certainly inspired me over the years with much more than graphics and I am very grateful for her passion and excellent skills. Needless to say, I highly recommend Inspired Studio.”

—Emily Fidati 🌿