Four Ways Better Branding Will Scale Your Manufacturing Business in 2020

Four Ways Better Branding Will Scale Your Manufacturing Business in 2020

It’s not good enough to just have nice packaging design anymore, it has to WORK. Surface-level thinking yields surface-level results, so if youre looking to build brand loyalty with your products resulting in more sales to more retailers to more consumers, it’s time to take a look at your brand. Can it be better?

At Inspired Studio, all designs begin with a deep level of understanding of our clients. Every business has a brand, whether they’ve intentionally created it or not. A brand is not a logo, a website, your social media presence, or signage… it’s all of it, and then some! But mostly, it is the overall impression your business makes on consumers which allows them to know what to expect, distinguishing you from your competition. It is how you make them feel, if and how they feel connected to your business, how they speak about your business, and how loyal they become.

We coach our clients through a process that allows them to immediately become the master of their marketing and outshine their competition by intentionally building a clear, cohesive and timeless brand inspired by their passion, authenticity and truth—without them having to learn trendy marketing tactics, tackling technology, or hiring an expensive advertising agency. 


Here’s why the Build A Better Brand Process is crucial for scaling your manufacturing business in 2020:

  1. Appealing branded packaging design and supporting educational collateral makes the sales-person’s job easier.
    They have to stop in and out of potential retailers all day long. Their job is draining enough! By giving them something to be excited about—like selling more product—they’ll perform at a much higher level!
    What sales person doesn’t want more commission, faster?!
  2. The same beautifully branded packaging and collateral makes the retailer’s job easier.
    They’re busy running a retail space and everything that goes along with that. Selling more of your particular product is not high on their priority list. So, why not give them the tools they need to sell your product with the greatest of ease! Tell the story for them.
    What business owner doesn’t want to sell more product?!
  3. By excellently branding your products, you’re making the end user’s job easier.
    If your product stands out among others on the same shelf (or Shopify page), they don’t have to think as hard. If you do a better job of explaining the RESULTS and BENEFITS of your product (not just saying “here we are” and “here’s what we’re made of”), you stand a better chance of being the chosen one. By telling an authentic, truthful, and inspiring story with your brand, you’ll build that oh-so-coveted brand loyalty. These customers will keep coming back to THAT retail shop, for YOUR product.
    What customer doesn’t want to make their lives simpler?!
  4. Building an intentional, authentic, inspired brand makes adding jobs easier—strengthening your business from the inside out.
    As you grow, your carefully crafted brand will be something for your growing team to get behind—something to believe in, something to get passionate about. Something that will also build their trust and loyalty, drastically reducing employee turnover.
    What manufacturer doesn’t want to retain their best employees?!


You know your products need a better brand to increase revenue. And we know how to build you one.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from spending tens of thousands of hours over the last 15 years of working with businesses and channeled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step process that clarifies an authentic, intentional brand inspired by your passion. Build a Better Brand Process is the first of its kind that…

Helps you discover your Why:
Knowing the passion behind your purpose will be your true North when you get stuck. There’s not a business (or marketing) decision that can’t be simplified when you’re reminded why you started your business in the first place.

Defines your Marketplace Niche:
Determined by either your why or ideal audience, knowing where you stand in the marketplace will help you position your messaging in a way that leaves you without competition.

Intimately introduces your Ideal Audience:
There are people out there needing, praying, and hoping for your product or service. We’ll get to know who they are, what fuels their desires, and why it’s important to speak their language.

Engages Emotions:
How your audience feels is the best way to connect with your ideal audience on a deeper level, building that trust and oh-so-sought-after brand loyalty.

Masters your Marketing:
After identifying and defining the key ingredients, this final recipe brings your “better brand” to the table—time and time again.

The end result: A clear and steady foundation from which to build your own brand that has no competition, ready to be profited from for the rest of your entrepreneurial life.

The Inspired Studio team will take you step-by-step through the same process we’ve used dozens of times, identifying and defining your brand’s building blocks. Then, we’ll take the information and put our design and writing skills to work to create a look and feel that will reflect your business and attract better buyers.

Let’s work together to give you everything your salespeople, retailers, and customers need for a job well done. Book a consultation call now.


Maria Traino, Inspired Studio, Owner, Creative Director




🖤 Maria Conigliaro Traino
President/Creative Director