Extra Toasty or Extra Profits? 🤔

extra toasty

So many questions ran through my head as I filled snack bag for my daughters with little orange squares. It was the only FAMILY SIZE variety they had at the store so I gave them a shot (don’t judge, you know you love Cheez-Its). “Extra Toasty,” it said on the box.

Sooo, basically, they left them in the toaster too long? They taste delicious, don’t get me wrong! I’ll quickly rank them a 5/5 based on flavor, crunch, and the perfect amount of salty.

But how did these “extra toasty” snacks find their way from the factory to the grocery store shelves?

Was the person running the toaster feeling under the weather one day, totally missing the timer?

Or is this a regular occasion, some batches just get a little more browned?

Has there been a group of people in the factory fighting over who gets to take the half-burnt Cheez-Its home to their kids? For years?!

Did one of them finally speak up at meeting called by Kellogg’s finance department, announcing “we need to increase the profit margin!”?

Maybe someone from the group of rebels reluctantly responded, “we could cut waste?”

Is that what these little salty snacks are? An attempt to cut waste AND increase profits?

Is this a case of “presentation is everything?”

Or, was it all intentional?

Is there really a chance someone had the idea BEFORE the mistake happened? “Let’s try leaving them in longer and see how they come out.” Nah…

I may never know the answers to these random questions. But what I do know is that I’ll continue allowing my curiosity to spark ideas for my clients’ businesses. How can they cut waste by repurposing unused goods? Hell, how can I?

Should I open an online shop for unused logo drafts? I mean, they’re just as tastefully crafted as the others. But technically, they’re waste!

Should I pitch unused ideas for a current client to a potential client I haven’t worked with yet?

What about your business—how can you repurpose and repackage your waste, figuratively and literally? (PS-Did you know we’re REALLY good at package design?! 😉)

Get creative, be curious! Inspiration is everywhere… even at the bottom of a snack bag.





🖤 Maria Conigliaro Traino
President/Creative Director