Inspired Designer Spotlight: Meet Loriah Webby


What does Loriah Webby love most about design? Two things: developing meaningful color palettes and telling client stories.

Combining the two has been her passion since joining Inspired Studio in 2019. 

“I work directly with the clients, which I love,” says Loriah, who is the full-time strategic designer and project manager at Inspired. “I love getting in their heads, learning what their goals are, and creating something that pushes them forward.” Her dedication for taking brands to the next level has led her to craft an ever-expanding range of content, from postcards to logos to websites. “You name it, we’ve done it!” she says. “It’s such a variety, and that’s something I really enjoy.”  

Each piece of content Loriah creates conveys a client’s unique story, and an integral part of this story is color.

Many companies don’t realize that color is such a huge aspect of your brand. Change one color and it will change the whole story you’re telling.

According to color psychology, different colors evoke different emotions, and Loriah seeks to choose hues that convey how clients want to make their customers feel. “If a company wants to be fun and happy and welcoming, maybe a nice yellow is a good accent color. For a more corporate, serious image, a timeless navy or light gray may be a smart choice,” she shares. While creating color palettes, Loriah always values client input and shares the reasoning behind her decisions. “If a client wants blue, for example, we’ll use our expertise to select a shade of blue that showcases who they are. We present all our decisions to clients so they understand how the colors tie into their voice.”  


Loriah has captured clients’ voices through design at Inspired since May 2019.

From her first interview with president and creative director Maria Conigliaro Traino, Loriah instantly felt a “creative connection” and was drawn to Inspired’s mission of building up companies through branding. Of course, she and Maria put their own creative twists on their work, and Loriah appreciates the way these differences spark innovation. “She might think one way, I might think another, and talking it out will lead in a different direction altogether, which is amazing!” Loriah says.

One of their notable collaborations is the DePietro’s Pharmacy Doctor’s Kit, which earned a silver award from the American Advertising Federation (AAF) of Northeastern Pennsylvania in 2019. Loriah lists this design as her proudest accomplishment at Inspired—so far, anyway!

Loriah’s passion for design stretches back to high school. Under the mentorship of art teacher Bob Gaetano, she became interested in the arts and continued to cultivate this passion through her position on the yearbook committee. “There was such freedom in it to be creative, to just be yourself,” she says. She received her bachelor’s degree from King’s College, majoring in Mass Communications with a focus in advertising and design and minoring in marketing. Loriah also has a master’s of fine arts degree in Visual Communication (Graphic Design) from Marywood University, which she completed in 2018 through the university’s “Get Your Masters with the Masters” program. In the future, she’s excited to continue developing her digital design skills. “Designing for the web is so different than for print, and there is so much to learn in the digital realm,” she says. Additionally, she’s hoping to build up her social media presence, which she describes as hard to keep up with, but important to learn in such a fast-paced world.


On a daily basis, Loriah says her creative process starts in her home office, where her design skills and strategic thinking become one.

She is grateful for the opportunity to work from home while still engaging directly with clients. And when she’s not meeting with clients or brainstorming designs, Loriah can be found spending time with her family: husband Matt (her “rock”),  their twin son and daughter, their four-month-old son, and their puppy and “first daughter” Mia. A native of Wapwallopen, PA, Loriah lives just down the street from her childhood home and keeps in close touch with her parents, her brother and sisters, and her husband’s family in Connecticut. Something you may not know about her? Loriah believes in Bigfoot! “There’s so much that is unknown, so I believe there’s something out there!” she says. She’s also proud of her Lebanese heritage, which she connects with regularly through her family preparing delicious Lebanese cuisine.


In parting, Loriah shares one thing she wants everyone to know about Inspired:

We legitimately love every client. It’s not just a job for us; it’s a personal experience. Together, we build relationships to leverage their brands and push their businesses forward.