Hereby Acknowledging: There is a Problem


“Not memorable.”
“Not noticeable.”
“Needs to be different.”
“Needs to be more aggressive.”

These words, spoken to me by the CEO of an organization I’ve worked with for nearly 10 years, describe their current marketing.

“Okaaaayyy,” I said, as I sat in awe of the situation.

He wasn’t firing me. He wasn’t necessarily complaining. I had asked for this call, after all. I hadn’t even had an inkling he felt this way, for nearly a decade.


This time that we’re living in is changing the way we see things. It’s causing a huge corruption in belief systems. It’s pushing us outside of our comfort zones, and after about 10 weeks we’re becoming more comfortable there. The view from there isn’t so scary, anymore. But it is not so beautiful, either.

We’re faced with the reality that we have to face our biggest fears, which include judgement and failure.

We’re faced with the reality that we can’t just keep doing what we’ve always done—it will never work again.

We’re faced with uncertainty—what will work?


As a creative problem solver, to an annoying default, I rose to the challenge as I sat face-to-screen-to-face with my dear CEO client. “Let’s change that!”

I know how fortunate I am to be in a position where trust remains. I know how delicate and valuable a decade-long business relationship is. It means a lot to me, it means a lot for my family. So I will do my best to right this ship.

While on the call I realized quickly that because I hadn’t been in direct communication with the CEO for many years:

  • He had NO IDEA the growth we’ve had within Inspired, that we have a full-time designer dedicated to her craft. 
  • He had no idea that we’d built up a network of high-quality specialists whom we call upon when our clients need to up-level a particular niche of their marketing.
  • He didn’t know I’d spent the last year creating a digital course for entrepreneurs, teaching them how to build a stronger brand for their small business.
  • He didn’t know that I’ve invested thousands of dollars in continuing marketing education.
  • He had no idea that consulting was a possibility, that I’d meet regularly with their marketing director to deep-dive each campaign;
  • Or, that I’d be more than thrilled to present an intensive strategy session at an executive meeting

And I blame myself for that. The very thing I built my business upon, communication, was the very thing getting in the way of this particular organization’s success with their communication. 

But the first step to solving a problem is to acknowledge there is a problem. ✔ (Thank God that’s done.) And the problem isn’t actually the problem, the problem is how you look at the problem.

From where I’m sitting: I am regretful, yes, but I am committed to making a change. Not just for them, but also for you.

On behalf of the team of experts at Inspired Studio, we want you to know that we are here for you, our beloved clients. We are here to support you with our annoyingly defaulted state of creative problem-solving in many different, but still brand-focused, ways. Please allow us to use our gifts to help you monetize, profitize, and create more impact with yours—because boring, unmemorable, unnoticeable marketing won’t.

I’m always available for a consultation call to see if our solutions could be the answer to your challenges. You know how to find me!


All my best, always…





🖤 Maria Conigliaro Traino
President/Creative Director/Lead Inspirer