I’m giving you permission to GO PSYCHO!

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Seriously. It’s good for business!

As entrepreneurs we’ve all been there, the sleepless nights and stress-induced ulcers. Fortunately, I’m not talking about that kind of psycho.

Psychographics is what I’m talking about. Demographics are important, too, but psychographics are what give you the edge in marketing. Because it helps your message cut through the noise and make potential customers feel like you’ve gotten into their heads. 

Marketing is simple: Communicate your business’ value to the people who need and want it most. That takes a certain amount of communication skills, both verbal and visual, but more importantly—actually MOST importantly—is knowing who values your business/products and/or services. What are their habits, interests, and buying behaviors; what is their lifestyle?

I’m sure you can talk about your business all day long. You can invest in high-end brands, gorgeous marketing materials, creative commercials, and scream from the mountain tops if you wanted to! But if the only people who are seeing it don’t care, what’s the point? 

If 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers… why wouldn’t you do everything you could to find more of those 20%? Why not get to the very root of what will grow your business?

That 20% isn’t just a fifth of your business, it’s actually everything. Knowing who they are, their values, their decision making habits, their joys and their fears can be the difference in the products and services you create, how you answer your phone, what your employees wear, the music that’s playing in your store… and you guessed it… your website copy and photos, your advertising campaigns, your logo and signage. 

Do they value a sense of humor? If that’s important to them, is your brand witty? 

Are they environmentally conscious? Maybe it’s time to ditch the plastic bags.

Are they in a state of desperation when they need your business? Try to find a way to convey the feeling they get after they work with you.

Marketing really is that simple. But you’ll never stop tweaking it. You can’t set it and forget it. If the way you’re marketing isn’t working, it’s not you… it’s them! Take a better look at who values you. Then find more of them!

Be relentless about learning about your ideal audience. Keep peeling back the layers until you find the truth. You can do that through surveys and quizzes, or, just pick up the phone and have a few meaningful conversations with your top clients. When you have the answers, you won’t believe how much easier it will be to make complicated business decisions. Because you’ll put yourself in your ideal customers’ shoes, and they’ll make the decision for you. 

This is an integral part of our process when working with our clients. We can’t do our jobs well without knowing who it is we’re really serving. You don’t have to wait for us to get started, download our guidebook now!





🖤 Maria Conigliaro Traino
President/Creative Director





Marketing is Simple

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